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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

he don't like his boring job now! and he knows what he's got to do...

general tso's chicken and garlic beef (special #1 of the day)
from: Hong Kong Chinese food
price: $5.50
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: The Clash (everyone has figured out by now that the blog entry title refers to this section of the blog, right?)
comments: good lunch. wow. really good. I've never met General Tso but his chicken was deelish. it was like popcorn shrimp, but with chicken inside. yum. and the 'garlic beef' is basically just beef in black bean sauce. very tasty. it really hit the spot. both today's links were provided by Temple. hope he's happy now.

and Jeff had:

3 items on noodle: egg tomato, brocoli beef, deep fried squid
from: Combo Express
price: $5
rating: &/&&&&
comments: Jeff says, "didn't even finish half of the noodle cuz they give me 4/5 of the box full of noodle. find no butterfly or caterpillar, but eating very cautiously. next time warn self, eat something better." I sure hope jeff learned his lesson, how many times will people go to combo express before they learn that it's the same food as the other places in the village, but worse tasting and with a danger of caterpillars.


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