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Thursday, December 22, 2005

believe me, it's easy...

spicy maki combo
from: Aji Taro Japanese Bistro (above McDonald's)
price: like, 11 bucks + the tax
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: kid koala
comments: so, one more sushi was too busy today. so we went to the slow sushi place. the food is good. the service is also something remarkable. last time we went there, I thought it was just the waitress's first day. I think I was wrong. I think it's always her first day. if you're not in a hurry, this place is worth going to. it's overpriced, though. but the food is decent. better than Osaka downstairs. last night, I checked out the RAV progress. I took a few photos. the photos were kinda neat, but they got even neater when importing them with a dying battery. yeah, you heard right... I said, "even neater".

and dave had:

kimchi fried rice lunch special
from: $9.50
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
comments: tomorrow is dave's last day with us. I know I'll miss him. at least until we get someone else hired here to pick up the slack I leave everywhere. oh well.. about dave's lunch, he said, "too 'spensive. i also think the menu lied to me." it did look like there was more stuff coming than did come. but we didn't question it. we were just happy to get food.


Blogger iTripped said...

So which Dave is bailing? Anyone I know?

December 23, 2005 8:29 AM  
Blogger gwilli said...

nope. I don't think you know him. he's a co-op. one of our long-term-returning co-ops.

December 23, 2005 10:15 AM  
Blogger FiSHBoY said...

Hahaha, yeah, that picture is Dave in his natural state.

December 24, 2005 2:11 PM  
Blogger iTripped said...

Merry Christmas, Gwilli!

December 25, 2005 9:19 AM  
Blogger ween said...

ween! I got a big christmas present this morning when I got up and looked outside of our house. Pity, I don't have those gadgets... even the one with low batteries. A car (registered in Burnaby, not Surrey) drove into our driveway during the night. I am not kidding. We had to call the police (yes, the police officer was handsome) and the car was towed away.

December 26, 2005 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas gwilli:)

December 26, 2005 1:59 PM  

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