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Thursday, December 29, 2005

you say, go slow. I fall behind. the second hand unwinds.

beef udon
from: Osaka Sushi
price: $5.62
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: uh... er... nothing.
comments: I thought I had licked my cold a couple days ago. thought I beat it in one day. now it's not feeling so beat. so I got this beef udon which tastes just like "get better". it's hitting the spot. and the little guy in the picture (his name's actually Guy) is part of a present I got from jason. click him to find out more about him. and if y'all are lucky you might see a feature film on this blog starring these cube peeps. stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

you say the party's over, but like a drunken fool, I never know when to leave

cantor burger (the wednesday special)
from: Vera's Burger Shack
price: uh... $7.95+tax, I think.
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: Blue Rodeo
comments: Vera's has some pretty tasty burgers. not the best, though. the best I ever had was at Moby's Marine Pub on Salt Spring Island. which was recently closed down. but more recently, it was re-opened. I hope they still make their burgers the same way, cuz they were amazing. and the 2nd best burger I've had is probably from in Ottawa. that place was crazy. and then there's Vera's. really good. but not the best. maybe I just need to try other types of their burgers? oh well. they have beer. and I like that. and if people are looking for christmas presents for me, just click on this pic or the one below.

lettuce wrapped turkey patty
from: Vera's
price: thanks for lunch (to convince erin and greg to have vera's for lunch, I had to treat them)
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
comments: greg said, "This lettuce wrapped turkey patty wasnt half bad. Im not eating yeast or beef right now, so I couldnt get my regular powRburger, so I got this, in hindsight i should have opted to have the fried egg or something to send the taste throught to the 4-5 rating range. I was impressed that they even had a non beef, non bread selection on the veras list."

hot dog
from: Vera's
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: erin said, "decent hotdog meat; skimpy, but that was my fault since i didn't think to order more toppings" and about the bubble teas we had after, she said, "litchi slushee bubble tea with pearls was &&&&/&&&&& - decent pearls (though some were frozen), and the litchi is a bit too sweet. i like the litchi slushees from the bubble tea place on king ed and oak better." after vera's we went next door to Pearl Fever. I had a green tea honey milk bubble tea. I liked my bubble tea, too... but when you're already full, it's a little too filling. click to see the teas.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

believe me, it's easy...

spicy maki combo
from: Aji Taro Japanese Bistro (above McDonald's)
price: like, 11 bucks + the tax
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: kid koala
comments: so, one more sushi was too busy today. so we went to the slow sushi place. the food is good. the service is also something remarkable. last time we went there, I thought it was just the waitress's first day. I think I was wrong. I think it's always her first day. if you're not in a hurry, this place is worth going to. it's overpriced, though. but the food is decent. better than Osaka downstairs. last night, I checked out the RAV progress. I took a few photos. the photos were kinda neat, but they got even neater when importing them with a dying battery. yeah, you heard right... I said, "even neater".

and dave had:

kimchi fried rice lunch special
from: $9.50
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
comments: tomorrow is dave's last day with us. I know I'll miss him. at least until we get someone else hired here to pick up the slack I leave everywhere. oh well.. about dave's lunch, he said, "too 'spensive. i also think the menu lied to me." it did look like there was more stuff coming than did come. but we didn't question it. we were just happy to get food.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

put on your reeboks, man, and go and play funky tennis.

Hainanese Chicken Noodle in Soup
from: Cafe D'lite (Broadway across from the Hollywood)
price: $6.95 +tax
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: Black Grape
comments: today, joanne was in town and it was ween's last day at work! so we went out for lunch to Cafe D'Lite. Greg is always raving about their hainanese chicken. but it was thought that they closed down cuz they used to be at Broadway and MacDonald. turns out they moved. just a bit further west on broadway. this place is great. the chicken noodle soup was delish. although, I was a bit jealous that I didn't order the laksa. that stuff was soo good. if you're in the neighbourhood, go there.

and erin had:

Hainanese Chicken Laksa Noodle in Soup
price: $7.50+tax
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: erin says, "yummmmcoconutchickencurrylaksagoodness. i forgot that there were two different types on noodles in there (thin white and thicker yellow) so that was a nice surprise. the chicken was tender and more flavourful than most chicken i've had." and after lunch, greg gave us all raspberry mousse cake. yum.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

will we ever drink milk from a fountain?

soggy porkshops (in noodle soup)
from: Hong Kong Chinese
price: free! (frequent eaters bonus card)
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: for squirrels
comments: the village sure is dead these days. and I went so late that the HK chef was reading his newspaper and the backup chef was cooking. I know that I should just not order there when I see that, but I wanted soup. this did not compare with the same order I had last week. not at all. oh well. so be it.

and jacky gave me:

when I went by Jacky's desk, he had some pork buns. yummy. he even took this picture for me. he even did it blurry-greg-stylee. thanks for that, jacky!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

put your hands in the air and wave em like you just don't care!

BLT and flies
from: the thunderbar
price: $5.99+the tax
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: system of a down
comments: friday. beer with lunch day. these are the things that make life good. the linked pics are courtesy of Wu's fancy phone-camera. it's so fancy. the blur in the background of one of them is me. yay me!

and greg had:

chicken strips n salad
from: the thunderbar
price: 8 plus tax
rating: &&&/&&&&&,
comments: greg says, "I dont want to write this stupid review for this stupid blog, but williams is all like "please, your lunch is the only one I tookah" so here goes: The chicken strips were pretty OK but a little overdone and the salad was not super fresh but no big deal. I didnt like that all the strips were kinda small and only 4 of them, its like getting a bucket of chicken with only wings inside."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I be like, "dude, you a'ight?"

montreal smoked meat sub
from: Quizno's
price: $9.62
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: fatlip.
comments: today we went on a field trip to get little shiny round bits for jason's porsche. these circles cost way more than such circles would have ever cost for my Buick, and I drove without the circles for 5 years. oh well. priorities. jason called them 'absolutely necessary'. the sub was good. woulda been better if it hadn't been transported between cooking and eating. oh well. what can ya do?

and jason had:

Veggie Sub - Size: Regular
from: Quizno's
price:: $7.something
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: jason says, "Good veggie sub, not sure how I feel about this whole Guacamole thing Quizno's does, but it's not unpleasant, it just kinda gets everywhere. Pretty much any toasted sandwich is delicious, though. Listen to Don Cherry and his giant plaid suits, toasted tastes better." I disagree with jason on this. the guac is where it's at. click the pics for random shots from our field trip. and if anyone knows what that car is, tell me. it's cool.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

here we go, are you ready for another?

3 items; lemon chicken, pepper beef & the fish
from: Yi Kou Xiang Delicious Foods
price: $4.82
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to: the dream warriors
comments: wow. perfect lunch. now I'm sitting here all stuffed n stuff. oh boy. click the pic to see the link to cool shirts. but make sure you click on each shirt and read the designer's comments. heehee. editor's note: I would not be opposed to receiving that elephant shirt for christmas. or a giant television. or a 20" iMac. or the pentax optioWPi. or a large pile of money.

and jason had:

Yogurt + Mutter Paneer on rice
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87 (V+V price, V+M is now $6.00!)
rating: &&&/&&&&&
comments: jason says, "The yogurt wasn't very spicy-tasty today, just kinda blandy-tasty. The mutter paneer was good, though. They demolished Jesus' fountain today, not sure how He'll take it, it was a pretty nice lookin' courtyard and fountain. Should probably consider staying indoors for a few days." yeah. shame about the fountain.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

hey jim kerouac. brother of the famous jack.

soggy porkchop soup
from: Hong Kong Chinese food
price: $4.82
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to: cracker
comments: the porkchops with noodle in soup really hit the spot today. of course it was too much for me to finish, but boy o boy, were those soggy porkchops yummy. I can't imagine many other people enjoying this as much as I do. click the pic to see what coffee does to candycanes.

and greg had:

I'm not letting greg review his lunch, cuz these fries really weren't his lunch. just a snack. I was just impressed at his ketchup skills. each fry got it's own stripe of ketchup. catchup. catsup. lucky fries, man. lucky fries. in other news, my camera battery was dying during the import. hence the crazy pics. and this link shows just how much people really love our product.

Monday, December 12, 2005

special QA lunch. dig it.

ok. my blog. no rules. today I don't feel like rating all my food, let me just say that:

-our department went to feenie's for a special holiday lunch.
-it was costly.
-it was very tasty. ('specially the shepard's pie, according to Dave)

the first and third dishes shown here were the dishes that rob feenie made to beat the iron chef. they were very tasty. but then I just filled up on poutine. if you see your dish here somewhere, feel free to rate it in the comments.

crab roll


crab ravioli

duck confit

poisson du jour

spinach salad

oh yeah... if you haven't figured it out already, Jason's Porsche was at work today. cool, huh? it's no Charger, though.

Friday, December 09, 2005

hey man, look at me rockin' out!

baconcheeseburger and belgian fries
from: The Pit
price: $7.20
rating: &&&/&&&&&
comments: when I saw alex at the pit, he ordered 'belgian fries' with chilli or something. I thought that sounded good, even though I didn't know what it was. so I ordered it, but when they asked what mayo I wanted, I said 'garlic' and realized that there was not going to be any chilli. I guess chilli isn't so big aux belgique. so what I got was lots of fries smothered in tons of mayo. yikes. it was a little frightening. but the burger was good, as usual. we some some creepy man gliding through the shrubbery on our way there, too. weird.

since I left work early, I didn't get a review from alex. but i did get pictures. enjoy.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

chicken salad sandwich and split pea soup
from: Only U Cafe
price: I was treated for my bday.
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: What's Up, Matador?
comments: any lunch bought for me gets at least &&&&. the soup was really good, the sandwich was slightly above average. I got some birthday presents today. click the pics to see a couple of them. according to greg, I collect finger puppets, so these are a couple new ones for my collection! thanks! and if anyone else really wants to buy me a present, maybe I can offer a suggestion. bwa ha ha.

Neptune Fish and double Cheeseburger with soup
from: Only U Cafe
price: $7.99+the tax
rating: jeff says, "the fish burger is a rare special at that place and it's my first time trying it. it's good! if it comes with some fries, even better~ the burger is big and filling, ar, i want to eat it again now" and the linked pic was from Rada, and yes, it came like that. half full. yay rada! oh yeah... I forgot to take my camera to lunch, hence the pictures of pictures from Dave's fancy camera.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

you wouldn't pay me more to bury you rich, than to bury you poor.

beef curry n zuccinnnnii curries- w/samosa
from: Curry Point
price: $6 - straight up, yo.
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: the sounds gardens.
comments: today, I saw no line at curry point and thought, "hey, that's different" so, on this different theme I had something OTHER than butter chicken. that's hard to do. and it was a mistake. not in a bad way... just in the way that I coulda had butter chicken, but didn't. the beef was quite nice. a great change. but butter chicken... my old friend. hmmm... the zuccini was real good, too. and actually spicy curry dish. not burning hot, just a nice amount of spice. and thanks, justin, for the dessert!

and Craig had:
Deluxe Pizza Sub
Deluxe Pizza Sub
from: International News (across the street)
price: $4.85
rating: &&&/&&&&&
comments: craig says, "'Pizza' I'll agree with, but 'Deluxe' was stretching it a bit. What is it about the bread in these sandwiches that makes them taste like rubbery aluminum foil (even though they're wrapped in plastic)? I'm told that toasting, rather than microwaving, it would have squeaked out another half &." it is true about the toasting. it definitely makes the roast beef subs there taste really good. but maybe craig chose not to use the firehazzard of a toaster since he's the fire warden.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

we will cover the earth like air and water

from: a place
price: money
rating: %%%%%%/@
listening to: DESAPARECIDOS
comments: my lunch was fine. if you want a review of it, just find one in the archives about Northern Foods/Yi Kou Xiang. There's a much more pressing things happening in this world than my lunch. just click the pic and find out. if you aren't impressed by that, or by this then stop reading now. I am stoked that Detroit is thinking of basically making cartoon versions of their cool old cars. I've seen some cool camaro designs out there, too. can you imagine if they made these?? that would rule.

and Dave had:

from: A-1 Vietnamese and Korean
price: $6
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
caoments: Dave says, "not bad not great; it's better when the guy just hands me the bottle and lets me go nuts." He kept going on about how stingy the guy was with the chilli sauce. it's true, though. it's like he really doesn't like giving it away. and if you click the pic, you will see the picture from the virgin digital contest. we can't enter here in canada, but it's fun to try and figure out what the 75 bands are. I think I got about 70 of them. although some may be wrong.

Friday, December 02, 2005

and I'll try try try to make my way hay hay.

butter chicken and yoghurt curry
from: curry point
price: $5.69 - no pop. and they raised the price.
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: right now.. Tricky. when I wrote the title: the moony suzuki
comments: curry was alright. the butter chicken didn't taste super fresh, though. and this whole rasing the price thing.. I don't like it. it's good that they didn't raise the price of veg+veg dish. but they did raise 1 veg+1 meat. bah. nobody benefits. jason still pays the same, and the rest of us pay more.

and dave b. had:

black bean and beef, and sweet and sour pork on rice
from: the Moon (at the SUB)
price: about $5
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: thanks for the links, dave. great links. real great. about his meal, dave says this: "it hit the spot today, and was kind of what i was in the mood for. i liked the sweet and sour pork a lot, but the beef and black bean sauce was only okay."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

we don't need no haters

chicken souvlaki pita
from: Pita Pit
price: $6.95 after tax
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: Built to Spill, but it was Mary J Blige when I wrote the title
comments: I never go to Pita Pit. why? because we used to always get free pitas when we worked OT. so, I could not understand paying for one. but today, I needed something other than rice or noodles. the pita is pretty good. but there's a problem... one bite will be all vegetables, and cold, the next bite will be nice warm chicken, bacon and feta. it was too big to get a bite with all the flavours. the linked pic is what ween was referring to in yesterday's comments. enjoy.

and greg had:

3 items
from: Northern Foods (Yi Kou Xiang)
price: $4.82
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: greg says, "So I took the Vega Test 2 days ago and it was suggested I cut out dairy, beef, yeast and sugar. this lunch seemed to be mostly free of these items, curry chicken, veggies and tofu." and in the linked pic... you can see that winter is now here. (ps: stone cold steve austin's got nuthin on stone cold lil kim)

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