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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

lunches on the road almost always seem to get 5's!

cilck to see pete!
classic italian panini and guava juice
from: Pete's Frootique in Halifax
price: $10.03
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: this place is good!!! I almost regret my decision about having the panini. but it was really good and it filled me up. supposedly this pete guy is on tv for food stuff. on cbc or food network , maybe? but his store is too cool. it's a grocery store with all sorts of strange fruits and other foods, and in the prepared foods area, there is a juice bar and a deli kinda place. if you order salad, you get to pick each ingredient you want in it, then they stuff it into a little box. so much food. and the soups are great. erin had one that was pork and bean, and ritchie had seafood chowder. next time I go, I'm getting soup and salad. but the sandwich is good too.

and hey ritchie had:
click to see r. eating!
seafood chowder soup and salad
from: Pete's Frootique in Halifax
price: $6.99+tax
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: r. says that the salad was huge and delicious, as per usual. and the chowder was runnier than most, but so good. it had pieces of bacon in it. and any chowder with bacon in it is alright with r. if any of you ever come to Halifax, you should have this for lunch. if you're not sure where it is, just yell "hey ritchie!!" and he'll show you.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Creations at Cosmo's

creation sandwich with hashbrowns
from: Cosmo's on Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
price: $5.75
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: a whirlwind tour of Montreal. didn't really see much, but we'd both seen tons before. so we went to a place I'd been ages ago. Cosmo's. it's on Sherbrooke, west of WestMount. near Rue Harvard (I don't know the other cross streets). it was delicious. and the guy who made it was amusing as well. nice guy. funny guy. good food. the hashbrowns were so good. bits of onion, sausage, bacon and stuff in them. I think it's just whatever is on the grill. yummy. go there for breakfast sometime if you are in montreal.

and Erin had:

creation sandich, as well.
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
comments: erin says that this would have been a 5, but it was a little soggy due to too much mayo. we were also planning to go to Schwartz's and get some smoked meat sandwiches for the road, but upon arriving, there was a line up. bah. I don't line up for any restaurant (much). so we went and got some bagels for the road instead.

and I have 2 post scriptums for this blog:
1) if you're ever driving in Montreal, beware of this man. As he may back into your car while getting out of a parking space (no damage, thankfully)

2)this is for bucketofbeer... check out who's town I went to today!!!

greetings from our nation's capitol

click for drink pics
the spartacat beef burger with fries, onion rings, and a shake
from: The Works
price: $20ish
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: Wow. this place is crazy. it turns out that Ben is a bit of a regular lunchatthevillage reader. and when he heard I was coming to visit him and Allison, he planned exactly where he would take us to lunch. and it was a great choice! just look at this crazy menu!!! We started off with drinks and onion rings. Both of which were served in unique ways. a tower of onion rings with delicious dipping sauces, and 1/2 litre measuring cups full of shake, water, icy fruit drinks, etc. Then to the burgers. I tell ya, I couldn't finish all my food. I ate till I burst! then we all went swimming and jumped off a covered brigde. wheeeeee!

and Ben had:
click for onion rings!
fire station #6 burger with onion rings and sweet potato string fries
price: $15ish?
from: the Works
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: I guess Ben and Allison have had this before, so it wasn't quite the novelty that it was for me. therefore a slightly lower rating. Also, Ben said that he didn't make the best choice with his burger. a burger full of jalepenos is not suggested when it's super hot and muggy outside. Allison also said that they went a little too far. like it's cute to have shakes in measuring cups, but coffee?? that was a little over the top. but then she started drinking for the spout and realized it wasn't so bad. heehee. overall, her suggestion for future visits to the Works: onion rings, a milshake, and split a burger (or get the burger without the side) it's just too much food for normal humans.

thanks again Ben and Alli!!! we had a great time in our nation's capitol!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

wawa to the soo

okanagan apples
from: the ok
price: dunno, erin bought them
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: eaten on the side of Lake Superior. good stuff. and the linked pic is Wawa. we had chinese food for dinner there. no picture, though.

and this was our motel:

woke up today in Sault Ste Marie (or "The Soo" as they call it). this motel is the best ever. not just because of the tingle king, but because it rules. free internet. nice clean room with a/c, microwave, good tv, alarm clock, etc. all for $55 with my CAA membership. and Ben, if you're reading this, I have a feeling we'll be a little later than planned. hehe. too hard to leave here. leaving around 11am.

Friday, August 26, 2005

wawa and the soo

okanagan apples
from: the ok
price: dunno, erin bought them
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: eaten on the side of Lake Superior. good stuff. and the linked pic is Wawa. we had chinese food for dinner there. no picture, though.

and this was our motel:

woke up today in Sault Ste Marie (or "The Soo" as they call it). this motel is the best ever. not just because of the tingle king, but because it rules. free internet. nice clean room with a/c, microwave, good tv, alarm clock, etc. all for $55 with my CAA membership. and Ben, if you're reading this, I have a feeling we'll be a little later than planned. hehe. too hard to leave here. leaving around 11am.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

is brunch lunch enough for ya?

giant breakfast - finnish pancakes, bacon, 3 eggs, toast, home fries
from: Thunder Bay Restaurant
price: $5.75
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to: I"m not at work. so I'm not listening to iTunes.
comments: we went to this great restaurant in thunder bay today. good name, too. the thunder bay restaurant. erin and I walked in with our TBay hosts, Caitlin and Rowan, and the waitress/owner says, "Caitlin, Rowan and...." so I says, "and two strangers." She was great. very nice and friendly. and breakfast was mighty tasty. not the best I ever had, but Denise was so great, that I give her restaurant a 5. yeah. and if you click the pick, you will see Cait's house here in TBay. she's workin it. making it all nice. putting a lot of work into it.

and erin had:

finnish pancakes and bacon.
you can read above. it's the same. just less food. erin ate one of my eggs, anyway. and if you click the pick, you will see the TBay ruffians jumping off a bridge in the the big lake they call gitchiegumie. keep on trucking. tomorrow we drive again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

no lunch today. airplane crash instead.

so, I didn't eat lunch today, but something happened that was worth blogging. we arrived in Thunder Bay and Caitlin rushed us off to watch the airshow. we had no idea it was even happening. the snowbirds were here and going to do a show. neato. so we went to watch. 3 of them flew over. then 3 again. not sure if they were the same ones, or three other ones. but then we waited. and they didn't come back. then the rumour started to spread through the crowd of people that a plane crashed and there would be no show. turns out the rumour was true. here's my pics of the event, click for the news article about the crash. so, in the end... we never saw a show. and I never snapped a picture of the planes, cuz I thought they'd be back :(

this is the snowbirds flight simulato (yes, people were still going in after the show was cancelled... and no, I don't think the flight sim had a crash)
click me!!!

here's some people waiting around trying to see if they could see a crash in the distance?
<br />click me!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

last lunch for a while

check it
this is a
I have blogged.
my lunch picture is here from the PIT in the sub. I like burgers with beer. if you click the picture you will see the man being arrested outside our office yesterday. this is my last true 'lunchatthevillage' entry for a month. I'll probably do some other blogging on my road trip. I will definitely have r. as a guest lunch. bye.

and greg had:
yo yo
same kinda
me go now. keep on truckin, and if you really miss commenting on this blog over the next month, just add many comments to: Viv's blog

Thursday, August 18, 2005

on strike.

if Telus gets to go on strike, so do I. my blog no rules.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

cuz I have learned that nothing is as pressing, as the one who's pressing would like you to believe...

get crazy with the cheese whiz
saltyfishnchickenfriedrice and beefchowfun
from: Hong Kong Chinese
price: lots. like $14.00 for the two dishes, but erin and shared them.
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: Bright Eyes
comments: oh man. good lunch. so full. if you've read this blog before, you're probably starting to notice that I eat about 10 different dishes. I just eat them over and over. so, it's all getting repetitive. maybe people should start suggesting delicious dishes for me. or better yet buying me lunch! ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves. but there's the comment field. you know it. anyone can use it. other village-eaters... tell me what's good!!

driveby body pierce
Veggie Teriyaki Box
from: Osaka Sushi
price: $6 sum'in'
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: Jason says, "Haven't had the ol' Veg. Teriyaki Box in a while. The tempura and the teriyaki are both pretty good. The salad is a little plain, and there's a lot of avocado rolls, but luckily there's people around who are happy to deal with any excess avocado. All in all it's a &&&&/&&&&&"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

doooo youuuuu reeeeeeeealize?

two porks and a chicken
3 items (pepper chicken, s&s pork and some other pork)
from: Yi Kou Xiang Delicious Foods
price: $4.82 (well, $5, since I gave the 20cents into the tip jar)
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: flaming lips
comments: the pepper chicken is as good as the pepper beef. that's what I've learned. There's something else I just learned. Jenna told me what Yi Kou Xiang means. I always thought it was some kind of a name. but now I know. the name, in its entirety means, "One Bite Yummy Delicious Foods" crazy. and here I was taking so many bites. note: when getting your lunch here, the shorter girl will give you less food, the taller one will give more... usually. but they both seem very nice.

and Greg II had:
Ultramagnus guardian of the curries!
curry curry
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments:greg says a lot. here it is, "Wait a minute mr curry, I asked for "goat" but the guy gave me lamb thinking I meant lamb, cause they had not goat, oh well, I am usually fond of the lamb spinach mix, but today I would say this curry was just a 3.5 pampersands. Why? the lamb was a little dry, the zucchini was good and the beans was above average but not astonishing. he did give me 3 items for the price of two so I guess that bumps this up to like a 4 pampersands"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Dogs love me 'cuz I'm crazy sniffable!

sushi combo a (cali roll, yam tempura roll, tuna maki)
from: Osaka Sushi
price: $5.95+ tax, I think.
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to all day: Beastie Boys
comments: yeah. finger in my sushi, whatchyagonnadoaboutit? I just ate it. the yam tempura roll was reall good today. my only complaint about this meal was that two packets of soy sauce was not enough. I was out of soy, and I still had 4 pieces of sushi left. if the link isn't working for you then a) you're lucky. b) it may only work in firefox.

and Kazu had:

a cinnybun
from: Grounds For Coffee (10th and Alma)
price: $2 (for us anyway, cuz we do group purchasing)
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
There's this thing we do here every payday. it's called cinnybun day. a long tradition that has been taken over by the mighty usual anonymous. these buns are delish. they were especially delish today, cuz they were real fresh. sorted, geezah. but Kazu decided it would be all he ate today. since he had a big breakfast and all. here's what he had to say about his cinnybun, "it was really dried up coz I at it at 12pm, crunchy "

Friday, August 12, 2005

k, this one's for gabby!

check out the mobile phone I borrowed
sandwich special
from: The Pedulum
price: $10. with a beer.
rating: &&&/&&&&& -food &&&&&/&&&&&-beer
listening to: brother Iz - somewhere over the rainbow
comments: I ate too much this morning. it made me unhungry. yet still I order food. and beer. I don't finish food. I take back to work with me. I finish beer, though. then professor jason was all like...

and dchong had:

Beef Dip
from: The Pendulum
price: $5.75 before tax & beer
rating: &&&&.25/&&&&&
comments: Dave says, "Came with a salad that was inconsequential. Beef dip was good, but I usually like food where you're expected to make a mess." and I say... "hey! look in that jus!! I see Dave!!! do you see Dave?" ~cue circus music~

Thursday, August 11, 2005

someone in class called me a loser, so I decided to skip the day

he loses.
butter chicken and zuccini curry
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to now: The Rheostatics
comments: good curry. never tried the zuccinniinnii before. it was good. not amazing. not sensational. perhaps great. but definitely good. but this is not important. what is important is the guest lunch.

and the moving truck had:

a fire hydrant
from: across the street
price: priceless
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: yeah. funny stuff today. moving truck mounts fire hydrant. find the secret links. there's a bunch of them. enjoy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I can't get by with my 9 to 5

clicky clicky wha?
corned beef on a hoagie
from: The Delly (in the SUB)
price: $4.75 - it was today's special.
rating: &&&&.8/&&&&&&
listening to whil eating: eminem - lose yourself. oh wait.. now it's Uncle Tupelo.
comments: sandwiches from the Delly are always delicious. and this one was no exception. it was phenomenal. maybe I should give it &&&&&. nah. it could have been .2 better, I guess. note: I did not eat the el camino.

and Gord had:
frozen vs cooked
chicken & spinach canelloni
from: Gord's house
price: n/a - why did I just type that. if it's really 'n/a' I should just leave it out, right? hmmm... weird. and now I've typed all this. what a waste.
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
comments: Gord says, "[the rating is not 5/5] only because it's best fresh, not frozen then reheate" he also says, "- only 50 mins in the microwave (on defrost) and it's ready! So plan ahead."

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

ah'm maaashed...

robot sushi
from: Ichbankan (near London Drugs on Broadway)
price: $15.00 (for erin's and my lunch)
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: The Streets - a grand don't come for free
comments: today we went and rented a car for driving across the continent. we'll be getting a chevy impala or a buick allure. it's gonna coast a lot. but it's gonna be funn having a reliable car. lunch was good. robots made it for me at ichibankan. they have robots. I want to get a sushi robot for my house. the link is pretty unrelated to today's lunch. the green lines on the map show our usual routes to the village and back.

and erin had

No review from Erin. too busy at work. both of us. ack. I think she liked her robot sushi and edamame. I best she'd rate it &&&.8/&&&&& give or take .5 the sushi there is pretty good for robot sushi. unless it's late at night. at that time, erin is rather apprehensive about the robot sushi. the link shows one of the cars we might be driving across the country. if you're somewhere else in the country reading this... be warned. we're a comin.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm so bored with the USA

3 items - spicy eggplant, pepper beef & pork balls
from: Yi Kou Xiang Delicious Foods
price: $4.82
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: The Clash
comments: I'm not in the mood for food today. I eat it. it tastes ok, but I don't feel so good. bleagh. oh well. in today's pictures, you have to find the food and click it to really see the food. oooh, how exciting. rock on.

and eric had:

combo 2 - beef terriyaki, california roll, salad, tempura
from: Osaka Sushi
price: $6.42 or so.
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: the container is different. they used to put the tempura separate, floating in tempura sauce, making it soggy. with the new containers, only the sauce is separate. much better. eric also say, "beef terriyaki good."

Friday, August 05, 2005

and so it is. just like you said it would be. life goes easy on me. most of the time.

hi there.
yoghurt curry and butter chicken.
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to (all week long.. over and over): Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
comments: ok. so most of the week I've just been listening to this song over and over. I like it. it's a little hokey, but so am I. but I haven't been lying the past few days, I just happened to change it when I was actually blogging. My curry was good today. I haven't had the butterchicken/yoghurt combo in a while. for real. you can check if you like. and I was going to link to some funny link on, but there's just too many funny things there. har har. so, today is the end of an era. they're moving me away from Jason. so sad. who can I flip the bird to 20 times a day??? the office will never be the same.

and Bobo had:

who's Bobo, you ask? just a little Pekinese in the office today. unfortunately, he was rather had to photograph without firing a flash in his face. so what you get to see is a blur of a monster. he's real cute in real life, though.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

like car parts, bottles and cutlery

Terriyaki Chicken Don
from: Osaka Sushi
price: $4.50 + tax
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: bjork. hyperballad. over and over again.
comments: good food. ErwinTang was right. the chicken teriyaki is always delicious. even if I'm unsure of its spelling. it is very good. did y'all hear about the fire in kits today? that's where the link will lead you... and if you were wondering what iPhoto's redeye reduction tool does to chicken? you now know.

and Jacky had:
some kinda beige-ish curries
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: Jacky says, "taste is good. I cannot tell whether the food is before or after going through my digestive system ..." he's talking about the plain, boring look of his food today. it was terribly plain and monochrome-looking. I took care of that. yeah, that's right. I jazzed it up. props out to the photoblimp webpage for my high-angle-scenery-thievery. and remember everyone... my blog. no rules.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

grandaddy ran whiskey in a big block Dodge...

creepy jackalope eye
Sushi Special A
from: Osaka Sushi
price: $5.49+tax
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: Steve Earle
comments: the food was good. better than I rated it. but I don't feel so good. so it wasn't as good. too much bagel for breakfast too recently, I suspect. The bottle of toffeenut syrup is what makes work coffee delicious. $10. but worth it. and about the linked page... read the 3rd paragraph for the names of the arrested.

and moondogmike had:
clicky for moviey
Greek pasta salad
from: the 'bucks
price: $5.35
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: Mike says, "it might not be enough food when you are really hungry. It is very light because the salad dressing is just lemonade... however, it is really good for as sick person like moi. and it doesn't taste bad either...if you wanna have a light's probably a my birkinstock senses are tingling choice"

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

we are the little folk, we!

me: B13 - Beef n Tofu in Black Bean sauce.
erin: B5 - Szechwan Pickle with Pork
from: HK Chinese
price: $4.95+tax (each)
erin's rating: &&&&/&&&&&
my rating: &&&.5/&&&&&&
listening to right now: Billy Bragg - a pict song.
erin's comments: erin says, "- i should've gotten it spicy. i liked the baby bok choy. and the sezchuan pickles were pretty, but not nearly spicy enough. i'm craving spicy cucumbers today, so i am kind of inclined to give this only a 3.5/5, but it's not the hk chinese food's place's fault that they don't have spicy cucumbers."
my comments: mnyeah. it was good. not great. I don't really like the combos for some reason. I think that noodles+rice=less toppings. something like that. it was not as good as beefnegg on rice, that's for sure. to see pictures of our meals, you will have to click in the right spots on the above pict.

My Blog. No Rules:

this is the watermelon I bought at Choices this morning. what's the deal? why show this picture? click it. check out a) how much it "weighed" and b) what I paid for it. ooooh yeah!

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