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Friday, July 29, 2005

from a great height. from a great heeeiiiiiiigheiiiiight!

the ultimate burger!!!
ultimate burger with onion rings
from: Dairy Queen (W. Broadway)
price: the burger was about $6. the onion rings were shared.
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to while blogging: Radiohead.
comments: a bunch of us went to DQ today to celebrate the Usual Anonymous's birthday. and that's why we ate there. the village probably really missed everyone. DQ's ultimate bugers are appropriately named. they are the best fast food burger I can think of. erin and I also shared a huge 'basket' of onion rings. as seen in the linked picture. it seemed that jenna prefered to just eat the ketchup.

and hiroko had:
what becomes of the little ducks?
ducky ducky ice cream cake
from: Dairy Queen
price: can't tell you.
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&& (because the ducky was btuchered)
comments: I think Hiroko was nicely surprised by this little birthday event. good thing I hid the charger around back of the DQ or it woulda given it all away. the cake was yummy. here's what our usual anonymous had to say about it. "I am scared of cream" & "I love cream....but after a cinnybun and three slices of icecream cake, I am scared of cream right now... need a couple of hours to recover..." & "but I like cream" & "I really wanna say arigato to everyone who came"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

hi. my name is. what. my name is. what. wigga wigga gee willi

click for underage drinking.
vietnamese sub
from: Empress Bakery (kingsway and fraser)
price: $2.25 per sub
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
comments: yesterday some of us were freed from work early to celebrate the release of something or other. and we all went to lunch together before noon. but I had just eaten breakfast. so no pendulum lunch for me. jason had one. see below. so, after that I went home. and had vietnamese subs. yummy. and once again, my camera's betteries were so low that the image was corrupted upon import. I love it when that happens.

and j450n had:
click or go to hell
veggie baguette
from: the pendulum
price: $10.00 with a beer
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: jason says, "good sandwich. good beer. bad crow." and he made this picture himself with his magic camera phone.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

don't put marbles in your nose, put them in there, do not put them in there!!

get your 3D glasses ready
foot long tuna sub, yo.
from: subway (eat fresh) 10th Ave.
price: $6somthing
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to now: Brendon Small songs - they so funny
comments: subway. eat fresh. the food was decent. getting it was strange. I ordered and the girl just kept staring at me. no acknowledgement. then I said it again and she started making it. weird stuff. and the guy working there dropped the microwave tray on another guy's head, then it fell to the floor and broke. and the veggie trays caved in. needless to say, I was happy to get out of there and down to the beach.

and jason had:
1' veggie delight
from: subway
price: $5.01 cuz jason used some stamps and got a drink, so really it woulda been about the same price, but he got rid of stamps and got a drink.
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: jason says, "it was a good veggie sandwich." I think that it was greg's hair that made it tasty. he spent most of his time on the beach trying to take 3d pictures like greg and I did yesterday. he did not remove his shoes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

dry your eyes, mate

from: hong kong chinese
price: uh... $5.30 maybe?
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to while eating: the streets
comments: good food. yes. and during my lunch break, I went down to the spanish banks to try to make 3d photographs with two matching cameras. no time to put them all together yet. but here's one.

greg ate home cooking. it lookde good. I didn't axe him about it, though. so there. my blog. no rules. whoooooooooo!

Monday, July 25, 2005

no regular blog today.

oi oi oi .

ok, so I didn 't take me camera to lunch today. and I ate at the village. not in the crazy downstairs world which is too often full of students. but upstairs. at the new sushi place. up above MacDonald's. I s'pose I could rate me meal without no photo. but it feels too weird. and the general concensus of that place (from me, greg and erin), is that it needs to be around a bit longer before it's good. the food is alright. above average. just slightly. but the service was just silly. it was our server's first day (so she said) and when we asked what items on the menu were, she knew less than we did about it! she really didn't know what was going on. and when she bumped a shrimp tempura off the plate onto the table, she started panicking. we said not to worry about it, and she thanked us "for saving her". heehee but overall, it was alright. I imagine it'll get better in time.

ok, so I figure I should put up some picture here. so here's a picture of hemi. and if I remember, I'll post saturday's lunch. since I did take pictures of that.

Friday, July 22, 2005

you ask what is this? mind your business.

tofu and minced beef on rice, yo
from: Hong Kong Chinese
price: $5.30
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to while eating: tricky. he passes idle days with his idle ways.
comments: good food today. it was weird about the a-team, though. I don't remember ordering extra a-team. maybe that's what they do when I say "spicy"

and Jacky had:

"Shai Hai Thick Noodle"
from: Da Moon. (at the SUB)
price: $5.50
rating: &&/&&&&&
comments: I think Jacky's a hard marker. a 2 is so low. maybe I should give more 2's? I never give a 1. maybe once. oh well, here's what he had to say about it, "look good, taste so and so, not enough salt and MSG!"

Thursday, July 21, 2005

the supervisor guy turns off the factory lights so the robots have to work in the dark

3 items - jellyfish, chicken-mushroom-potato, and pork balls!
from: Yi Kou Xiang Delicious Foods
price: $4.82
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to while eating: grandaddy
comments: ok. I'm starting to think something. something extreme. yes. I think I'm getting sick of village food. this has happened before. what did I do to remedy it? well, I started this blog. suddenly eating the same food over and over again was exciting. it had meaning. but the novelty's wearing off. oh what shall I do about it?? maybe I should evovle. maybe I should start only posting 3-D photos of my lunch. but y'all probably don't have the nifty red/blue glasses. well, if you do, you get a treat today (click the pic for bigger, more 3D version). but I won't do it everyday. all that said... my lunch wasn't all the good today.

Hon's potstickers.
from: hon's, but fried at home
price: n/a
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: Carmen says, "it was very good ^^
tastes a lot better with vinegar"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

it takes 3 legs to make a tripod or make a table stand.

spinach/lamb and yoghurt curry
from: curry point
price: $5.87
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to right now: my top rated in iTunes (currently "3 is the magic number")
comments: man, this is taking forever to post today. the curry was alright, but I didn't enjoy my lunch experience very much. hot food. hot park. bah. not my cup o tea. sandwich at the beach.. I like that. but hot food. hot sun. bah.

and kimmy had:

Lemon Chicken & Spicy Egg Plant with Rice
from: Yi Kou Xiang DElicious Foods
price: $3.77
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
comments: kim said "Ask Greg Chan to order the food for you, you'll get more." she also was surprised by the spiciness of the eggplants. and then she had to go to some schooly building and drop off some schooly forms. true story.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

shut up I'm the driver, you're the passenger!

eat fresh!
6" BMT
from: Subway (10th and Trimble)
price: jsut under $5
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to now: the Streets, geezah!
comments: a very good sub. very very good. and the environment made it into a 5. yeah. we sat on a log on the Spanish Banks and ate our subs. very nice day for it. I think I'm going to have to do this more often. it's so close and so nice down there. maybe I'll even convince greg and jason to take off their shoes sometime.

and Jason and Greg had:
battle sub!
Battling Subs (BMT and Veggie Patty Sub)
from: Subway (W. 10th)
price: not sure. but I'm sure it was more than mine, as these guys had foot longs.
rating: j-&&&&/&&&&& g-&&&&.5/&&&&&
comments: Greg and I tried to go to Taco Del Mar, located in the new 10th Ave Mac's, but it turns out they won't have tacos for another month. bah. so we went to subway. and jason was all like, "man, can I get a footlong" and they were all like, "I can get you a 12 inch." but about the subs... Jason says, "Pretty tasty, all toasted and stuff. I loves me a toasted sandwich" and Greg says, " mine was better than Jasons, his was all crummy and making a god aweful mess, mine was controlled like maestro conducting thangs. the nice day at the beach puts this one at a 5, but jason taking his shirt off bumps it back down to a 4.5 "

Monday, July 18, 2005

I don't care 'bout pollution. I'm an air-conditioned gypsy.

the link is related
3 items - shiny chicken, shiny pork, glossy egg and tomato
from: Yi Kou Xiang Delicious Foods
price: $4.50 or something.
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to while eating: The Wh♂
comments: my lunch was a little too shiny overall. I didn't know what to get, and whenever I look at the curry, and the long curry lineups, I usually end up getting food from this place. it wasn't that great today. many of the dishes looked like they'd been sitting there a bit too long for my taste. oh well. it was still alright.

and alex had:
the link is unrelated
butter chicken and curried potatoes. POH TAY TOES!
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87
comments: Alex says, "Butter chicken and curried potatoes. It was pretty good today; of the last 300 or so butter chickens I've had from this place, this definitely ranks in the top 50. So I'll give it a 4.5."
and I'd just like to add that the linked page is unrelated to Alex or his lunch. I just had to link it though.

Friday, July 15, 2005

take my hand, I'll take your hand...

no reason for the border.
chicken breast sandwich
from: The Delly
price: around $5. I'm not sure exactly. it's hard to always pay attention to that.
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to while eating: Neil Young - right now its "Cortez the Killer"
comments: I don't think I've ever had a Delly sandwich that was less that &&&&. they are always so good. this one was a little bit too tall for my mouth. well, I could fit it, but it made the tomato juices leak onto my hand. I bet you didn't want that much detail did you? well, the chicken is pretty good. I think I should stick to flatter meats, though. cuz it just gets too tall.

and erin had:

from: The Delly
price: $4.44+tax (well, at least I managed to remember this price)
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
comments: erin says she gives it a &&&&.5 because she didn't pay for it. I did. wewll, she's paying for it now. that's right, she bought a Green Tea Frapperellachino from the 'Bucks. and now I'm drinking it. this is because she thought it was rather disgusting. I like it. it tastes like artificial green tea flavouring. like some kinda cheap green tea candy. oh, but she liked her sandwich. a little soggy but overall yummy.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

1, 2, 3, another pop explosion. 4,5,6 another hit recording

penne pasta and beer
from: The Pendulum (at the SUB)
price: $10 something.
rating: &&&&.3/&&&&&
listening to now: Black Mountain
comments: we met with bucketofbeer for lunch and beer at the pendulum. I was just waiting for him to order us a bucket of beer. it didn't happen. I guess it's just a name. my lunch was tasty. it was about &&&&. the .3 is added for the beer. mmm... beer. ok enough about lunch. I'd like to talk about the linked photo. this is funny. this site. it sucks. or seems to. that's what I first thought. then they proved it. see the photo I added to my profile? sure it's old. sure it's not very accurate anymore. but see the email they sent me?!?! it's ridiculous! how did they know it wasn't accurate?? I'm not sure if they thought there was just too much flesh showing or if it was obviously not a picture of a 32 year old. maybe they have spies...

and bucket had:

chicken quesadilla
from: The Pendulum
price: $10.25 with beer.
rating: &&&&/&&&&& (bucket) and &&&.5/&&&&& (james)
comments: I was a little confused with the comments. Bucket and his friend, James, both had the quesadilla. They seemed to like it, but thought it needed stuff like "twice the spice" and garnish and guacamole. If you want to really understand their reviews, just listen to this and this. And while we ate, a crow flew into the tree above with a bag of chips. yeah. a whole bag. crazy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm not modeling anymore for the two of you!

not lovin' it now
McChicken, Large Fries and Raspberry Shake
From: MacDonald's
Price: $5.87
Rating: &&&/&&&&&
Listening to While Eating: Handsome Boy Modeling School
Comments: As usual, this MacDonald's food was tasty. Although, I let the fries get soggy, it still all tasted good. The low rating comes from how I'm feeling right now. Not so good. too much shake, I reckon. Oh well. That's why I don't go there very often. The thing I really don't understand is why they have photos of athletes on their packaging? I tell ya something, right now, I don't feel like high jumping or pole vaulting.

and eric had:
bland, man, bland
two items - lemon chicken without much lemony zest. and cucumber,mushroom,chicken stir fry
from: Yi Kou Xiang Delicious Foods
price: $3.96
rating: &&.5/&&&&&
comments: eric says, "comment: bland, bland, bland. (not to be mistaken with bam! bam! bam!)" he also says, *sigh*

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

but I fell for the promise, of a life with a purpose

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salted fish and chicken fried rice AND beef chow fun (both spicy)
from: HK Chinese
price: $7ish and $6ish
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&&
listening to while eating: Bright Eyes.
comments: erin got the rice, I got the noodles. then we split 'em. this is one of my favourite lunches. so good. there's nuthin better than saltyfishnchickenfriedrice. well, of course there is. like a 1968 Hemi Superbee. that's way better. but the rice is still very good.

and Jason had:
sleep on little one
mutter panneer, yoghurt curry and a turnip curry sample
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: jason says, "I gotta give it a &&&&, otherwise why the hell am I going back there everyday?" he also got to sample the turnip curry because there were no pakoras left in the yoghurt. his thoughts on the turnip curry, "the turnip curry was a little bit too turnippy. I'm not sure if I'd get it again." note: he didn't really sleep in his food. he was just posing for me. and the force is much stronger with me than him.

Monday, July 11, 2005

I bin thinkin' bout my doorbell. when you gonna ring it?

click for car shows
vermicelli with pork, sour pork and spring roll
from: Pho place on 10th
price: $6.99 (I think)
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: erin, greg and I went out to celebrate greg's birthday. he's still not 30 yet. next year. remember that, everyone. so this restaurant has very good food. I liked it lots. but it was too hot in there. real hot. uncomfortable hot. it made my food experience less enjoyable. but it was good. and I love the vietnamese style iced coffee. those are fun.

and the birthday boy had:
click for spring roll
some kinda pho
from: that pho place on 10th across from safeway
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: greg said, "I can never learn my lessons when it comes to extreme hot or cold. Every time I have a slurpee I get a brain freeze and everytime I eat pho on a warm day, I sweat and get all hot and bothered. I liked this Pho, the soup had more herby flavors than my regular pho places. Thanks for taking me for lunch."

and erin had:

some spicy kinda pho
from: see above
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: erin says, "the slices of meat in mine were kinda weird.... and flavourless."

Friday, July 08, 2005

oops. almost forgot to blog.

1/4 chicken, fried potatoes, sourdough bread and baba ganouj
from: Choices on 16th and MacDonaldish
price: way too much. it's from choices, I said.
rating: no. I don't want to.
comment: out running errands for lunch. stopped at choices. grabbed a buncha food. it's friday. I don't wanna be here anymore. me go.

and greg had:

well, I think he had a real lunch, but kimmy got him this birthday creampuff. and you know what happens when you get greg together with creampuffs!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

one meal; two reviews.

you think this looks good?? click it. not that is good!
SpicyQ combo and dynamite combo
from: Sushi Q (Dunbar and 28th)
price: $17.90 (for two)
my rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
listening to: pavement
my comments: very tasty. this is a pretty good sushi place. much better than Osaka Sushi, but not as good as Toshi (Main and 16th). The Spicy Q combo had spicy scallop, spicy tuna (I think... I ate it so fast, that I forgot to look), and a spicy BC roll. The dynamite combo had spicy miso soup, a dynamite roll and a little veggie roll. No, I didn't not share with Jason. I didn't think of it until now. and all that sushi he used to give me. next time, jason. I think you'da liked it.

and erin shared the meal, but here's her review:
miso like to playa lottery
erin's rating: &&&&.75/&&&&&
erin's comments: "spicy miso - excellent. spicy tuna - pretty good. the roll with bbq fish... too scratchy. dynamite rolls are dynamite. their prawns are as good as ever. &&&&.75. (but since i didn't pay for it.. &&&&&!)"

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

If you are a chucky, Nobody chucky from me

buttery goodness
curry; butter chicken, yoghurt and a little spinach and lamb. plus samosa.
from: Curry Point
price: $5.87
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to while eating: Peter Tosh Equal Rights
comments: best curry I can remember. it's just perfect today. the butter chicken is so creamy and delicious. the yoghurt, as always, is terrific. and the pakoras are a little smaller now, which is good. and when I asked what the empty meat curry was, he told me it was spinach and lamb curry. so he gave me a bit of the sauce (and even a small piece of lamb! score!!) and boy, was it good! overall, a very pleasant meal. and I got the samosa instead of pop. needless to say, I am stuffed now. and about the linked movie... I think it's the best I've done so far. this is my new style. faking super8 style movies with digital stills. if you want to see it bigger and better, check THIS out. I think I have to redo the audio, though. it's a bit loud and hard to understand.

and the usual anonymous had:
vegetables and spicy PORKPORKPORK
from: Combo Express
price: $4 -- friendly price for poor students
rating: $$$/%%%%%
comments: the usual anonymous says, "-- too much rice --> sorry, Africa. and sorry Jason for spoiling your apetite by telling you me horror story which I casually witnessed while I was waiting for you" so I asked her about the story. and it went like this, "I saw a young tall guy with a helmet in front of Korean foodshop. He was getting spicy chicken. He used chopsticks to move the food a bit then poured soy sauce like a puddle. Then he used yellow bottle and red bottle, then finally he took the salt or pepper, I am not sure which, sprinkled all alver the dish... Maybe he needed a lot of salt, but could not believe my eyes"

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

boogie boogie boogie shoe.

from: osaka sushi
price: $5.61
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: ween.
comments: long weekend was nice, huh? I want those every week. the udon was good, too. it always is. tastes like home cookin'

and greg c had:

3 items- pepper beef, spicy tofu, green beans
from: Yi Kou Xiang Foods
price: $4.81
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: greg says... "today was great cause even though 2 of my selections were vegematarian, they all tasted like butter."

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